Forex Education

If you are visiting this page, this is a signal that it is time to get serious.  Forex trading is highly risky if you don’t know what you are doing, and this page is going to help you exactly that.  If you are just getting into trading it could be worth opening up a demo account and starting to read a little about basic forex trading strategies.  We answer many other questions you have too.

We have tried to appeal to the beginner trader and the advanced trader in section.  We can all become better traders, and learning more ways to understand the market, understand more currency pairs, and understand new ways to do technical analysis just makes us a better and more successful trader.  That said, find your pleasure below.

How to trade forex in Australia:

Basic information you are going to need to get started in Australia.

Forex Trading Fundamentals:

This is a section that should get you started with some of the jargon used, as well as helping you get going.  I would suggest at this point that you have opened a trading account with a broker so that you can get your hand dirty right away and put some of this new information in your own content.  Articles include:


Advanced Trading Strategy:

These articles are more about the technical analysis of markets than becoming familiar with the terminology.  There are many things that can impact the way pairs move – some can be analyzed in charts, and others should be analyzed by watching major economic news events.   Articles in this section include:

A final note. I could not be any more stern by putting this note twice in a single page.  If you don’t have the money you are about to trade to lose, then leave this website and don’t open a trading account.  Forex trading is risky because all of the elements that go into it.  Even the best strategists lose and please don’t lose money that you can’t afford to.  That said, enjoy trading – it changed my life and that is why I wanted to share it with others.