Forex Education

Forex trading is complicated, and if you are to succeed you need to spend time learning to trade.  Forex trading carries risk, and if you don’t know what you are doing then the risk could be harmful.  If you are just getting into trading it could be worth opening up a demo account and starting to read a little about basic forex trading strategies.

We have tried to appeal to both the beginner trader and the advanced trader in this section.  We can all become better traders, and learning new ways to understand the market, understand more currency pairs, and understand new ways to do technical analysis.

Forex Trading Fundamentals:

This should get you started with some of the jargon used in Forex trading, as well as helping you get going.  I would suggest at this point that you have opened a trading account with a broker so that you can get your hands dirty right away and put some of this new information into your research.

Forex Trading Life Savers:

Advanced Trading Strategy:

These articles are more related to the technical analysis of markets than becoming familiar with the terminology.  There are many things that can impact the way pairs move – some can be analyzed in charts, and others should be analyzed by watching major economic news events.

We plan on building out this section with time and will add more as soon as we think of a topic to share.  If you have any ideas on what we should write about, please contact us, as we would enjoy hearing from you.